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saving time - minimizing cost - meeting needs
Your source for railcar maintenance and management.

Get Railcars Repaired Fast!

FreightCar Rail Services maintenance experts will diagnose your cars (unit trains, single cars) quickly. Our repair experts fix your cars and get them out the door–fast. FreightCar Rail Services shops have the capacity you need and the latest technology to provide you with the information you want. We are small enough to understand your needs and customize services to meet them.

Eliminate Headaches - Reduce Maintenance and Management Costs!

FreightCar Rail Services experts created RipTrackSM to help you manage all of your railcar maintenance. And, to track and manage your rail fleet and rail shipments, we've created ShurTrackSM and UnitTrain ShurTrackSM. We offer support and a host of other services to help you minimize the cost of railcar maintenance and management and maximize service to your customers.

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